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Choi Ri (최리, 崔理), who was known as the leader of the Kingdom of Nakrang; Clans. There are roughly 160 clans of Chois. [citation needed] Most of these are quite small. However, Choi is the 4th most common surname in Korea. The largest by far is the Gyeongju Choi clan, with a 2000 South Korean

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Clash of Clans. Hãy tham gia cùng hàng triệu người chơi trên khắp thế giới xây dựng làng, gây dựng hội và tranh tài trong các cuộc Hội Chiến hoành tráng! Man di có râu, Pháp sư phóng lửa và nhiều binh chủng độc đáo khác đang chờ bạn! Hãy đến với thế giới Clash nào!

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The Choi Clan was also known as the Choi Clan Sword Sect, and referring to them as such demonstrated a higher sense of respect towards the family. The instruction master of the Choi Clan Sword Sect was the de facto instructor responsible for guiding the sect.

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The Choi Clan was regarded as a type of sect. There were many pupils who came to learn the way of the sword and from the moment of the clan’s acceptance, they treated them as one of their own. After the swordmaster left, the clan self-destructed through division due to Lee Jinwoo’s plot which involved planting secret agents whose activities led to the leaking of techniques… but that was the future of the original novel.

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Choi. Choi is the fourth most populous Korean last name. Much like the other populous surnames, Choi’s ancestry can be tied to the birth of the Silla dynasty. Even though, over 160 Choi clans exist, most belong to the Gyeongju Choi clan. The clan founder, Choe Chi Won, was a politician that went to China to learn Confucious teachings.

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Clan là một nhóm người chơi cùng hỗ trợ nhau, có thể là tặng quân hoặc cho lời khuyên. Người chơi có thể tham gia Clan khi xây dựng Clan Castle. Sau đó các Clan sẽ phải tham chiến, đối đầu với nhau để tranh giành của cải, vật chất.

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The clan was founded by Min Ching Do, a descendant of Min Sun, who is a disciple of Confucius.